Orleans Parish Republican Executive Committee Endorses Cedric Richmond

photo of cedric richmond

Congressman Cedric Richmond (D) Louisiana

UPDATE: The Orleans Republican Executive Committee has issued a press release that states they have made no endorsement in the CD2 race. When I originally wrote this story I was going off of the statements of three eyewitnesses who attended the meeting. Those eyewitnesses are welcome to comment in the comment section of this blog. The press release from Orleans RPEC is visible below this story.


In Louisiana political parties are organized into parish executive committees (PECs) which all send a representative to a state central committee.   Orleans Parish is no exception, and they held there monthly meeting last Thursday night on September 4th.

At this meeting one of the most politically bizarre events occurred! The midterm federal elections are coming up and Cedric Richmond (D) will be running as an incumbent to maintain his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives as the representative for Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional district. There are no Republican contenders for this seat in the U.S. House. Louisiana Congressional District 2 covers most of Orleans Parish (New Orleans).

Representative Richmond is a party line Democrat who most often votes in lock step with his party and with President Barrack Obama. As a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives he was most well known for his anti gun stance in which he not only tried to ban “assault weapons” but also many types of common semi automatic hunting rifles. Not only did he want to ban these weapons, but the legislation he authored would have required the lawful owners of these weapons to turn them in to law enforcement with no compensation!

Throughout the last week, Representative Richmond has been able to eliminate almost all of his challengers through litigation in an attempt to run unopposed; however, his attempt to disqualify Libertarian candidate Samuel Davenport failed. See this article in the Hayride for more information.

Having nothing to lose, Mr. Davenport went to the September meeting of the Orleans Parish Republican PEC and presented his case for an endorsement. This is when the story gets bizarre; rather than endorsing Mr. Davenport, or choosing not to make an endorsement at all, the Orleans Republican PEC endorsed the establishment Democrat Cedric Richmond! What a shocker! Perhaps the two party system is not as polarized as we have been led to believe? Perhaps the Republican PEC in Orleans Parish wants to endorse the one who will bring home the most pork? your guess is as good as mine.

I reached out to Mr. Davenport for a statement and this is what he sent me:

“I’m grateful at the opportunity to have presented my campaign to them and I’m okay with them endorsing my opponent. At least now we know where they stand. I want the endorsement by the voters…” Samuel Davenport Libertarian Candidate for Louisiana District 2 U.S. House of Representatives

I think Mr. Davenport is a class act, and if I lived in District 2 I would most certainly have no problem casting my vote for him. It is truly a shame that the Orleans Parish RPEC made the decision they did, but I still think Mr. Davenport will do well against Representative Richmond, and I wish him the best.

Samuel Davenport photo

Samuel Davenport, Libertarian Candidate for Louisiana District 2, U.S. House of Representatives

For more information on Samuel Davenport please visit www.samuelforcongress.com


Press release from Orleans RPEC stating their endorsement of no one in CD2.

Press release from Orleans RPEC stating their endorsement of no one in CD2.


Finfox Revisisted with xDefinition at Southport Hall

David Latino of Finfox

David Latino

Last Friday night me and my lovely Crissy took a trip to Southport Hall to check our favorite local band Finfox. Needless to say they did not disappoint! They were on the bill with xDefinition as an opening act for Mandeville’s 12 Stones.

Finfox continues to push the envelope on the heavy side of alternative progressive rock with a uniqueness that is both impressive and refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening as Ash Hendley held down a solid percussion performance on drums as John Crabtree worked his intricate bass lines around it. David Latino’s vocals were spot on, but what was really impressive was his melding of his effects with his guitar work, which very much reminded me of the work of Alex Lifeson. He gets a big sound out of his customized Strat and makes excellent use of the tremolo bar. The large stage offered them a chance to move around displaying excellent stage presence to compliment their superb musicianship.

Metairie’s power trio continues to mature and progress in to a fine musical unit, and I have no doubt this band has a wonderful future and will make NOLA proud.


Finfox featuring David Latino - Lead vocals and guitar, John Crabtree, Bass and vocals, and Ash Hendley - Drums

Finfox featuring David Latino – Lead vocals and guitar, John Crabtree, Bass and vocals, and Ash Hendley – Drums


xDefinition of New Orleans opened the show with a vicious assault of metal/funk/hip hop very much like that of RATM. I was especially impressed by the energy of this band which possessed the hunger of a new act with the polish and tightness of a very experienced group . Hayden Zoller did a spectacular job on bass and Orlando Da Silva had a truly unique sound on guitar as he mixed multiple sounds, including some very Spanish style solos (he is from Portugal I believe). The group as whole had tremendous energy and stage presence. I look forward to seeing them again!

xDefitnion  Vocals - Bobby Franklin Guitar - Orlando Da Silva Drums - Jody Stallone  Bass - Hayden Zoller

Vocals – Bobby Franklin
Guitar – Orlando Da Silva
Drums – Jody Stallone
Bass – Hayden Zoller

In the next week or so I plan to revisit the up and coming metal quintet out of Baton Rouge: Ventruss! 

For more information on Finfox check out Finfox on Facebook and Soundcloud.

For more information on xDefinition check out xDefintion on Facebook and Reverbnation.


Happy Rockin’ NOLA!

Finfox from Metairie Rock it out at House of Blues, New Orleans

This past Friday night I had the occasion to step out and catch some good local bands at House of Blues’s NOLA Rocks show. I was especially happy to see a relatively new band named Finfox in the line up! I had seen these guys playing at Twist of Lime on New Years Eve, and when my girlfriend found out they would be at HOB NOLA she grab a couple tickets for us. After almost a whole week of work, rain, and tyranny from the Louisiana legislature it was good to get out and get good dose of booming bass and overdriven guitars.

The first band in the line up was a group out of Mississippi called Shaken. These guys had a very versatile singer and a lot of good chunky guitar riffs. They were tight and did a good job of starting out the evening.

Next up was the band we went to see, Finfox, a heavy alternative rock power trio from Metairie. They have a very interesting sound that draws on many of their influences such as Smashing Pumpkins, Silversun Pickups (my current favorite indie band) and combine it with a hard rock sound reminiscent of classic RUSH and Incubus. They opened their set with their signature song called Arm my Heart and followed it up with five or six original tunes. They were pretty tight and put on a good show. I look forward to seeing more of them in the future. They will be playing this coming Friday night at Banks Street Bar, so be sure to go check them out, as they do not disappoint. Listen to Arm my Heart at www.reverbnation.com/finfox.

Finfox rocking the stage at House of Blues New Orleans

David Latino – Guitar/Vocals
John Crabtree – Bass/Vocals
Ash Hendley – Drums

The surprise of the evening came in the form of a heavy metal band out of Baton Rouge called Ventruss! These guys hit the stage and started ripping it up right away causing an impromptu mosh pit to form. This resulted in my Tito’s Vodka and Red Bull landing all over my girlfriend. Ventruss is fronted by a tall and imposing vocalist named Ben Jewell. They seem to be a very mature and well rehearsed band in the classic five piece form of vocalist, two guitars, bass and drums. I also look forward to seeing more of them as well. If you are in the Baton Rouge area you can catch them at Culture Bar on Friday and The Varsity on Saturday.

Ventruss at House of Blues New Orleans

Ben Jewell – Vocals
Spencer Chandler – Guitar/Screams
Shawn Saizan – Guitar
Jake Chenevert – Bass
Tom Jarreau – Drums

After their sets I had a chance to chat with Finfox Bassist John Crabtree and Ventruss vocalist Ben Jewell. Both were nice, down to earth guys with great attitudes. It is very clear that they love what they do, and were very gracious.

Unfortunately I had to skip out on the headlining band, Cathercist from Gulfport, MS but I am sure I will catch up with them sooner or later. It was a great evening of rock and roll!

For more info on Finfox visit them their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/finfoxnola, and for more info on Ventruss check them out at www.facebook.com/Ventruss.

Stop REAL ID in Louisiana

Some of you may or may not know this but the REAL ID bill, HB 907 has passed the Louisiana Legislature! It is essential that all Louisiana voters contact Governor Jindal and ask him to veto this legislation.

REAL ID is an act passed by the United States Legislature in 2005 and works to weave state ID cards and driver’s licenses into a NATIONAL ID CARD! In 2008 and 2010 the Louisiana Legislature passed bills refusing to comply with this act, but now in the 2014 session they have voted to comply. The way the legislation was originally written makes it appear that citizens can opt out of this, but after many amendments one really can not opt out.

What does this mean to you? Well, for one when you provide documentation to the DMV to prove your identity (birth certificate, Social Security card, etc.) it will now be scanned and placed in a DMV database. This causes serious privacy concerns, and DHS will have access to this database. Upon receiving your Real ID you will be required to sign a document waiving your privacy rights.

The company that will be contracted to provide security for the DMV database containing your identity documents is MorphoTrust. MorphoTrust is also one of the leading companies in developing and providing facial recognition technology.

I urge all Louisiana citizens who have concerns about national ID cards and their privacy rights to please contact Governor Jindal before June 2nd and request that he veto HB 907 REAL ID. Governor Jindal’s office can be reached at 225-342-7015 or 866-366-1121 (Toll Free). One can email governor Jindal at the following web address: http://www.gov.la.gov/index.cfm?md=form&tmp=email_governor.

veto real id in Louisiana
For more information on The REAL ID Act visit the following pages:



Conrad Appel, Common Core, and Obstructionism in the Louisiana Legislature


To my fellow Citizens of Louisiana,

I am writing this to raise awareness of a dire situation that will impact our children for many years to come, if not forever. This would be Common Core Education standards. For those that are not aware of Common Core, it is a set of educational standards that have been adopted by no less than 45 states. Common Core Educational standards amount to a federal takeover of the educational system of the United States, and this is not a partisan issue. Members of both of the major political parties in America are in favor of these standards. People such as Barack Obama, Jeb Bush, Mary Landrieu and Steve Scalise are united in their support of Common Core.

In an attempt to mitigate the effects of Common Core in Louisiana, Louisiana State Representative John M. Schroder of St. Tammany Parish introduced into the Louisiana State House a series of bills:

HB 1076 protects students’ private, identifiable data. It passed the House with a vote of 99-0.

HB 1199 gives parents the right to view all instructional materials and content their children come in contact with. it passed the House 92-0.

HB 988 gives control of curriculum, content and methodology to the local school boards and parents and puts it into law. It passed the House 93-0.

In spite of the fact that all three of these bills passed the House unanimously, a roadblock has occurred. That roadblock would be State Senator and Chairman of the Louisiana State Senate Committee Conrad Appel. Senator Appel is refusing to hear these bills in his committee, and therefore ignoring the will of the State House.

I am imploring all citizens of Louisiana to email the Louisiana Senate and ask them to pressure Senator Appel to hear these bills in his committee, debate them, and bring them up for a vote. No one senator should be allowed to nullify the will of the State House.

I also ask that you call your state senator and ask them to persuade Senator Appel to bring the Schroder bills up for consideration.

I have included a BCC email block with this post so you can email the entire Louisiana Senate.

You can find your senator by using the following hyperlink:

Thank you for taking the time to read this; I hope you will share it and discuss it with your fellow citizens, and may God continue to bless the great State of Louisiana.

adleyr@legis.la.gov; alarioj@legis.la.gov; allainb@legis.la.gov; amedeej@legis.la.gov; lasen15@legis.la.gov; brownte@legis.la.gov; smithbuffington@legis.la.gov; chabertn@legis.la.gov; claitord@legis.la.gov; cortezp@legis.la.gov; crowea@legis.la.gov; donahuej@legis.la.gov; dorseyy@legis.la.gov; erdeyd@legis.la.gov; gallotr@legis.la.gov; guillorye@legis.la.gov; HeitmeierD@legis.la.gov; johnsr@legis.la.gov; kostelka@legis.la.gov; lafleure@legis.la.gov; longg@legis.la.gov; martinyd@legis.la.gov; millsf@legis.la.gov; morrelljp@legis.la.gov; morrishd@legis.la.gov; murraye@legis.la.gov; neversb@legis.la.gov; peacockb@legis.la.gov; perryj@legis.la.gov; petersonk@legis.la.gov; risern@legis.la.gov; smithgl@legis.la.gov; smithj@legis.la.gov; tarverg@legis.la.gov; thompsof@legis.la.gov; walsworthm@legis.la.gov; wardr@legis.la.gov; whitem@legis.la.gov


UPDATE: I am happy to report that the Schroder bills have all passed the Louisiana Senate!